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"Unapologetic Garage Rock n' Roll" - ROCKABILLY MAGAZINE

The Beat Creeps. This gang of miscreants met trolling the highways of the great American South in search of the next big kick. Giving a hard nod to bands like The Cramps, The Sonics, and The New York Dolls, The Beat Creeps bring a raw, un-apologetic approach to rock n’roll- shoving it in your face proving it’s not a phase- but a way of life. Singer Nic Roulette (Hillbilly Casino/Blue Moon Boys) brings a theatrical in your face performance- a true wildman you just never know what your gonna get! Leilani Kilgore on guitar, shreds sick riffs- having shared the stage with greats such as Buddy Guy, she's a can't miss! Elliott aka “The Garbage Man” beats his trash cans Chevy to the levy driving the rhythm hard with Ariel (L'assassins/Toxenes) holding it down-on attitude and bass. Catch them in town or on the road...but watch your back--these guys travel with baseball bats!